I decided to redesign my website to make it more user friendly for my readers. Hopefully, this won’t take too long but keep in mind I am not website set up savvy. 

Just about all old content has been removed from this site. For the reason why Metamorphis is spelled the way it is, please click on the “About” button. It’s a sweet, true, romantic story I think you will enjoy.

The new Metamorphis2016, will be 95% all about books and their authors. There will be book reviews, a list of new releases, author interviews, guest posts from authors, and upcoming writing contests and events.

The other 5% of content will be about anything I think might interest my readers and maybe a new pet peeve once in a while. There will be no political opinions or propeganda published on this site by me personally.

I will announce the completion of the site’s reconstruction on all my social media links. I hope you will return then and leave a comment or a constructive criticism post. I am always interested in hearing any suggestions from my readers.

I look forward to serving your reading and writing needs.


Tina Mari

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