Metamorphis is the name of a  hotel in Prague where I met a very special person.

I was visiting Prague for five days. In the lobby on morning of my first day at the hotel as I was waiting for a tour bus I met Chet. Chet was waiting for the same bus. We started to chat about the tour we  were about to take. We were both travelling alone, the only Americans on the tour, and struck up an immediate friendship. We partnered for the tour.

When we returned to the hotel that evening we had dinner together at the hotel’s restaurant. Over dinner the conversation turned from trip plans to a more personal level. To our surprise we lived in the same city in Kansas and we both were studying Anthropology at the same university! We spent the rest of our trip taking tours, wandering around the city, and chatting in the hotel’s bar. Chet’s flight home left the day before mine. My last night in Prague felt lonely.

Two days after I returned home Chet called to invite me to dinner and a movie. He showed up at my door in a beaten up Chevy pickup with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. This was the beginning of a beautiful, treasured relationship. We spent nine years together before Chet’s second leukemia relapse took his life.

Since this blog is going to be bits and pieces of me, Tina; my life, my thoughts, my beliefs, books I read, and anything I discover that I think might interest or be of importance to  my readers, I thought I’d honor a very important person in my life by naming it after the place we first met. Metamorphis is the correct spelling of the hotel’s name.


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