By–Tina Mari Combs, Author


Good Friday is a Christian holiday commemorating the Crucifixion of Christ. It is observed the Friday before Resurrection/Easter Sunday. Good Friday is a solemn remembrance of Christ’s Sacrifice to save the human race from eternal death. It is a remembrance of Christ’s  Passion for us, his suffering and humiliation at the hands of the Romans, his torturous death on the cross. It is a commemoration of  His choice to give his life for us out of unconditional love. Jesus Christ paid the ultimate price to ensure that all those that believe in him and follow him receive God’s forgiveness, adoption into His family, and graced with eternal life. (Romans 8:14-15) (Rev 21:3-7) Once adopted into God’s family we are no longer under the inheritance of Adam (sin and eternal death) but of the inheritance of Abraham (righteousness and eternal life). (Romans 5:12-19, 4:11-16 & 6:23)

True Christians today observe the old traditional ceremonies of dedication on Good Friday. These are Fasting, the abstaining from food whether completely or giving up a favorite food in order to focus on prayer; Repentance, the admitting of sins individually to God and asking him for forgiveness, and Meditation on Christ’s suffering and agony both physically and spiritually.

When meditating, we must understand that Jesus was not killed; He chose to die. As Mary Fairchild points out in her updated article, “Christ  proved his foreknowledge and understanding of his death in these poignant passages of Scripture:…”  Mary goes on to quote, Mark 8:31, 9:31 & 10:32-34. (1) In these passages Jesus reiterates that he will be rejected by religious leaders and teachers. He states he will be beaten, spat on, whipped and killed. Along with these statements he repeatedly assures his listeners that he will rise and live again. Jesus, in John 10:17-18, says no one is taking his life, he is giving it up willingly and with his power will take it up again. He did this because it is what his Father wanted and he was an obedient child. In John 10:18 Jesus is saying that no one is  to blame for his death. The Jews and the Romans facilitated Jesus’ death but only because he, by choice of obedience, allowed it  to happen. Jesus’ death was planned before he was born.  His death was the reason for his birth.

Good Friday is a solemn day but it is also a joyous day. It is the day that the Old Covenant was put to rest and the promise of the New Covenant began. This being a promise of Salvation through Faith in the blood of Jesus Christ, our Lord and  Savior. Jesus was crucified because it was God’s Will. It was how God not only showed his great love for us but was his way of  symbolizing the death of sin and the ending of the Old Covenant, (the Laws practiced in the Old Testament). On the cross the need to abide by these old laws to be right with God was finished.

For more in-depth reading of this subject, I would suggest reading the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and John, and the Book of Romans in the New Testament. Because there is so much more to delve into on this subject I will be writing two more posts on it. Part 2 will be about my personal thoughts and emotions regarding Christ’s crucifixion and Part 3 will be a Scriptural and Historical piece.


(1) “Why Did Jesus Have to Die?“, Fairchild, Mary, ThoughtCo.com, March 16, 2007

Unless otherwise indicated, all Scripture quotations are taken from the Holy Bible, New Living Translation, 2004. Used by permission or Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Wheaton, Illinois 60189. All rights reserved.

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